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Rock chips and cracks? No worries, SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair has you covered.

SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Washington County and greater Saint George area. Take a look below to find what we can repair, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.
With SwiftChip, chips and cracks are filled, sealed and polished for near clear visibility.



Damage that is marked by a separated cone in the outer layer of glass that results in a dark circle with an impact point.

Combination Break

Damage with multiple characteristics, examples bullseye with a star within it, short or long crack's coming from the damage.

Star Break

Damage that exhibits a series of legs that emanate from the break.


Impact point from which a small piece of glass is missing.



Single line of separation that my emanate from an impact point. Short Crack: 6 inches or less. Long Crack: Larger than 6 inches. Edge Crack: Any crack that extends to an edge. Floater Crack: Any crack that does not extend to an edge.

Repair Limitations

Both the location and the condition of the damage are important considerations in the decision to repair.  Replacement is recommended under any of the following circumstances; SwiftChip does not do replacements and will refer you out.

1.  Damage that penetrates both the inside and outside layer of the windshield.

2.  Damage with three or more long cracks emanating from a single impact point.

3.  Damage on the inside layer of laminated glass.

4. D damage contaminated with visible impurities that cannot be removed through cleaning.

5.  Damage or discoloration to the plastic interlayer.

6.  Damage in an area of the windshield where value-added features may be negatively affected by the damage and/or the repair process.

7.  Damage with a pit size greater then 3/8 of an inch.

8.  Edge cracks that intersect more than one edge.

9.  Stress cracks.

10.  If, in the technician's judgment, the repair will affect the proper operation of the vehicle.

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