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Expert Rock Chip and Crack Repair from SwiftChip

SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair proudly serves Washington County and surrounding areas as a trusted provider of windshield rock chip repair and windshield crack repair services. We specialize in delivering excellence and reliability in accordance with current ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard) standards, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our valued customers throughout the region.


Key Highlights:


1. Specialization in Windshield Rock Chip Repair: At SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair, we specialize in efficiently repairing windshield rock chips, ensuring the structural integrity of the glass while restoring clarity and visibility to the affected area. Our technicians are highly skilled in identifying and addressing various types of rock chip damage, providing prompt and effective solutions to prevent further deterioration.


2. Expertise in Windshield Crack Repair: We possess extensive expertise in repairing windshield cracks of up to 14 inches in length, employing advanced techniques and high-quality materials to restore the strength and functionality of the glass. Our comprehensive approach to crack repair ensures durable and long-lasting results, minimizing the risk of spreading and enhancing overall safety on the road.


3. Compliance with ROLAGS Standards: SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair adheres strictly to the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS), ensuring that all repair procedures are conducted in accordance with industry regulations and guidelines. By staying abreast of the latest advancements and recommendations in auto glass repair, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism and quality assurance in every service we offer.


4. Mobile Service Convenience: Recognizing the importance of convenience and accessibility for our customers in Washington County and neighboring areas, we provide mobile auto glass repair services. Our fully equipped service vehicles and experienced technicians enable us to accommodate your repair needs conveniently, saving you time and hassle by bringing our expertise directly to your location.


5. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: At SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to delivering exceptional service experiences tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. From transparent pricing and accurate assessments to friendly support and timely communication, we strive to exceed expectations and earn your trust and loyalty with every interaction.


For more information about our services and commitment to excellence, please visit our website at Additionally, to learn more about ROLAGS standards and industry best practices, we encourage you to explore


SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair – Where Quality Meets Convenience on the Roads of Washington County and Beyond.

SwiftChip Rock chip repair Saint George

From Rock Chips to Cracks, We Have You Covered

Rock chip repair is not a cosmetic repair; you may still see where the chip is located once the repair is complete.  The sole purpose of a professional windshield repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass.  It is important to know the appearance after a windshield is repaired is not an indicator of whether or not the repair was successful.  Since we are working with a glass that is already broken, during the repair, there is always a possibility that as the technician is pushing the resin (glue) into the chip that the chip could spread.  If that should happen, we will not charge you or or insurance for the attempt but we cannot guarantee the windshield.

I authorize my insurance company to pay SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair for all parts and services listed on this invoice. If my insurance company refuses payment for part or complete cost of these parts and services I agree to pay within thirty days. If uninsured, I agree to pay in full at service unless prior arrangements are made. Due to repair process, additional cracks may occur rarely (<0.1%). If unsatisfied, liability is limited to refund. I understand repair expectations, warranties, and disclaimers per SwiftChip Mobile Auto Glass Repair policies.

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